February 16, 2006

Drive-By Blogging

**drives up**

I've heard tell that the Cheney hunting accident has been somewhat in the news this week. I don't watch TV anymore so I've missed out on the feeding frenzy. But, just to chime in on the whole thang, let it suffice fer me to say the following:

I first shot a .22 caliber rifle at summer camp when I was ten years old. I was a combat small arms instructor in the United States Air Force. But I've never hunted. It's been years since I've held a weapon in my hands, but I can still recall all of the fundamentals of shooting that were drilled into my head during my wonder years.

So, for you avid hunters out there, lemme ask ya: Is it just me or does it seem like wise advice to say "don't shoot at anything you can't see"? I mean, guns have sights for a reason. If you find yourself having to shoot at nebulous rustlings in the brush then maybe yer aiming for a maiming.

Dick, my man, sheesh. Noise = bird = turn n' shoot? Are you that hungry? Better to let a bird get away than to accidentally shoot one of your hunting buddies, no? Yes, hindsight is 20/20. But, cheese Louise, always keep in mind that that rustling in the hedges might actually just be a cat or a dog or a lawyer.

Use stealth. Get close. See your target. You must always eat what you kill. And I hear that human flesh is a bit stringy and has a gamey tang to it. Prolly needs to be cooked to 160 degrees, too. I dunno.

**drives away**

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I wrote this for a post of another friend, and thought I'd cross post it here:

I dunno. I am of two minds about guns. On one hand they exist only to be deadly, but in truth they are no more deadly than a car can be, which is considered to be a necessity now.

I also respect that our nation was founded with violence (as were all others I can think of). That we-the-people are supposed to be ready to take back our nation with violence. And that our species has many attributes, some of which are violent. I control these impulses in myself, I don't deny them.

Apparently it happens at a lot of gun stores. Every few years, someone tries to rob gun store in my area. The robber gets shot usually. The store employee is usually talented enough not to kill them. It is hard to understand the reasoning pattern of electrical impulses that must have lead to that robber trying that stunt. I am actually grateful that at least some of the steep price for that type of misbehavior was meted out so immediately.

Anyway. You play with guns, you have to make sure you are not in front of one, and don't befriend a playmate who is gun-stupid. The penalties are high. The penalties for wounding someone are high too, because accidents can be prevented. The justice system can actually be a relief to a tortured soul, defining a penalty and allowing it to be paid, if it can be percieved in that light. Hopefully Mr. Cheney will use it appropriately.

Posted by: Edith at February 17, 2006 11:13 PM
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