May 26, 2013

A couple more themelesseses


I'm not sure how far apart I made these two grids. But they have an answer in common so I figure that I should either post them together or post them far, far apart. I'll just get it overwith.


Across Lite puz:
Click to solve.

The next one sat around for a while because it repeated a word in two different answers and I couldn't find a way to fix it without re-doing half the grid, until yesterday.


Across Lite puz:
Click to solve.

For any uninitiated droppers-by who don't yet have, or don't know what is, Across Lite, it's a program that let's you solve crossword puzzles right here on your computer screen. The download page is HERE. It takes merely a minute or less to install, so get crackin', by cracky.

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May 22, 2013



I made this one about two years ago and didn't care for the excessive number of abbreviations and such. But I wanna post a themed puzzle, so here 'tis.


UPDATE: The answer at 37-Across has one too many circled squares. But, rather than type the whole shebang over from scratch, I'll just warn you about it.

"Real high-end operation we got going here, eh, Bob?"

Across Lite puzzle:
Click to solve.

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May 19, 2013

Gallimaufry 2

Another mish-mosh.


Across Lite puzzle:
Click away.

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Aliens on the Border


Thought of this one that day the New York Times clued ILLEGAL as a noun. When was that, anyway?


Across Lite:

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Gallimaufry 1

And, we're back.


Now that hurricane and blizzard seasons are officially overwith I feel like getting back to normal.

Most of what I'll be posting in the coming weeks will be crossword puzzles that I've made over the past four years but never posted due some fatal flaw I thought they had at the time. I've been able to re-do an area here and a corner there to fix old wrongs. For the most part.

First up, a themeless freestyle gallimaufry.


A coupla years ago, I was interested in coming up with grids that were asymetrical yet aesthetically pleasing. This one worked much better when I tried it as a 19x19, but I never completed the fill in that one. Ah, well.

Across Lite:
Click to solve.

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