May 05, 2010

Puzzle Dump 3

Not a themeless, but not much of a theme.

I held off on this one mainly because of 28-Down and into the southwest corner. But, after cluing it, I think this is a perfectly fine grid. I've seen plenty worse, anyway.


Across Lite:
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May 02, 2010

Puzzle Dump 2

Here's another one I made last year some time and never saw fit to post.

The main issue here is the preponderance of partials, abbreviations and initialisms, not to mention a few obsurities. Two of the 15-letter answers were the seed entries, and I liked a lot of the middle fill. But the puzzle, on the whole, left me cold. Or a little bit chilly, anyway.

Eh. It's not so bad once you know what to expect, I hope.


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May 01, 2010

Puzzle Dump 1

Time to post a couple of puzzles that have been sitting around for almost a year now.

This one never made the cut for two reasons. First, the answer at 34-Down was a little too forced for my liking. But I actually kinda like it now.

The second reason is that it breaks one of the cardinal rules of crosswords. The same answer appears twice in the grid and there was no way to fix that without redoing about 50% of the fill. So there it stays.


Across Lite puzzle:
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