December 11, 2007

For Ted

Meet the Zombeatles.

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December 10, 2007


I post this in memory of -- at least -- two Ladies who've left me but, also, in honor of two ladies who have returned to me.

To Rachel and Annika:

I'm not sure why the YouTube link isn't working, but here's the code`:

I hope that link works...

UPDATE: It worked just fine, Idiot.

UPDATE 2: In case you don't recognize him, that's Merrill Osmond singing lead with his brothers Wayne, Jay and Jimmy on harmonies. (The woman you can spot singing the high notes in not Marie, though.)

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December 02, 2007

Surfing The Sky

I spent quite a few hours a couple of weeks ago stargazing in Google Sky. Actually I was more galaxygazing than stargazing. Anywho, if you don't know how to waste your time yet, try it.

Just thought I'd post a few of the more interesting things I found in deep space.

While all of the largest, nearest and brightest objects in the sky are catalogued and numbered, there are thousands and thousands (possibly millions) of distant galaxies and nebulas that one can view that are not identitified.

For instance, here is an edge-on view of a very distant galaxy that lies between the constellations Bootes and Canes Venatici.

(Pardon the size. For some reason these aren't showing up as thumbnails.)

Here is a blue nebula and yellow star that I call High & Tight because it reminds me of a baseball player looking at an incoming fastball. This is in the constellation Lynx.

Here's one of the first images I saved. I didn't come up a name for it, other simply Sky. (I'm not sure where this is, but I included the coordinates in the screenshot.)

I call this one the Smoke Ring Nebula. An unimaginative choice, perhaps but, hey, that's what it looks like. It lies between the constellations Lynx and Ursa Major.

And finally, for now, here is one of the sharpest and prettiest of the distant unnumbered galaxies that can be seen in Google Sky. This is located on the edge of Virgo, right near the catalogued galaxy NGC 4411.

I've got more if anyone's interested. :)

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