October 10, 2007

Halloween's a-comin'

Hey, ladies. I'm guessing you're looking for a Halloween costume, right? Well, this guy's got what yer looking for.

Please don't choose the sexy mental patient one, though. Bad memories. Too scary. brrrrr...

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October 03, 2007


I posted a YES video some time ago. I'm posting another one now.

That is all.

That's Jon Anderson on lead vocal, Steve Howe on guitar, Chris Squire on bass (playing keyboards in the video), Tony Kaye on the keyboards (playing bass in the video), and Bill Bruford on drums. Helluva band.

Actually, that's not the song I wanted to post, but I couldn't find a decent video of the song I wanted to post.

Alas, I may have to record it myself and, then, ye shall have the opportunity to gaze upon my sublime countenance.

Nah. Never happen. YES is all ye get.


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