May 30, 2007

Now it's personal

I had a fun fun fun time at the courthouse today. Apparantly I'm being sued for damages to an SUV that occurred in a collision with my car and a tree. I first wrote about it here.

Seems the friend-of-the-family police officer who gave me a ticket for an illegal left turn wrote a police report that included the rediculous detail that my vehicle hit the other vehicle, rather than the other way around.

This could get ugly. I need a junkyard dog lawyer. The kind that wakes up in the morning pissed off and wont be satisfied until he tears the guts out of some jackass and the SUV he rode in on.

Oh, yeah, I'll be subpeonaing phone records and police dispatch records. I'll probably have to put an ad in the paper to see if I can find that vocal witness who that Fairfield cop, Officer Riccio, ignored.


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May 19, 2007


She's ba-a-a-a-a-a-ck...

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May 18, 2007

A post for no reason other than I'm working late again and perusing, as of yet, the Great Unblogged

ABBA version:

LEGO version:

Make of it what you will...

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May 15, 2007

"You Are the Sun, I am the Moo---" oh, sorry...!

Okay, okay. I apologize for that Neil Diamond video. I was very sleep-deprived at the time. Hope this makes up for it, Michele!! :)

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May 12, 2007

The week that was

Hey, y'all. Wussup?

Yeah, I know I've been neglecting my blogging duties even more than usual lately.

At first I wasn't blogging because I simply had nothing to write about. In the past couple of weeks, however, I'd had some things to write about but I guess I just plum forgot how to blog. I'd open the page and stare at the white field for a bit, then log out.

I know that every journey begins with the first step and every blog post begins by typing the first words. But I'm so out of practice that it seems that typing the first words feels like it'd only be sitting back in the dentist's chair to begin a six-hour root canal.

But, I'm a-gonna give it a go.

As I sit here it is 1:08am on a Friday night Saturday morning, and I am at work. Without getting into too many details: I've been officially working 11-hours a day this week, but twice I've spent the night here. Why? Because a week and a half ago we discovered that 32 boxes of completed plastic parts (60,000 parts total) had to be sorted through because 15% of them were bad.

Of course, sorting through all of these little parts by hand would take one person at least a month. And I'm the only one here with enough "down time" to spend any meaningful time on that job.

And we have an order of 33 boxes of partsb that need to be shipped on Monday.

So, since running the parts pretty much amounts to babysitting the machine, I simply never shut the machine down and hung out all night. The other two guys showed up at 7:30am, and at about 9 or 10 I went upstairs and crashed on a pile of cardboad boxes until 3:00pm, when I got up, went for coffee and breakfast and went back to work at 4:00pm.

I couldn't do that two nights in a row, of course. I mean, I gots to take a shower and change my clothes once in a while.

Anyway, we're on schedule to have 33 boxes to ship on Monday. And I'm gonna sleep all weekend.

Well, that's the base story for tonight. I'll post a few, more interesting, stories this weekend. If I'm awake.

In the meantime, I've got yet another YouTube song for ya. And we all know how much everybody loves YouTube videos.

I don't often listen to Neil Diamond songs. But, for some reason, I came this one the other night and I've been watching it over and over ever since. It's Neil Diamond and Shirley Bassey singing Play Me as a duet.

I never thought much of this one whenever I heard it on the radio. It always struck me as sappy drivel -- the kind of Neil Diamond song that makes us hipsters cringe at the thought of... Neil Diamond. Kinda like Heartlight, or You Don't Bring Me Flowers. But when I saw this performance of it, and listened to the words, I thought it was pretty darn good.

I always hated that whole "I am the Sun, you are the Moon" line. Until I learned that it comes from the idea that the Sun can't see it's own light unless it is reflected back at it by something like, oh, say... the Moon. Hearing that line in that light (pun unintended) made all the difference for me.

Embedding has been disabled on this one, but you can watch and listen by clicking HERE. I advise making sure that there are no distracting ambient noises before clicking the link and sitting back in your chair. You must be One with the song!

Or not.

Note: I'm a bit disappointed in Shirley's performance. Either she doesn't understand the song or I don't. Neil, of course, is living it when he sings it.

Note 2: One of the reasons that I, as a teenager, didn't think much of Neil Diamond was that I didn't think that he was a very good singer. I suppose it was because of the way that he strayed from the expected melody so often. Hearing this today, as a somewhat more experienced pseudo-singer, I understand exactly what he was doing. The nuance of his phrasing is perfect for the words he's singing/saying.

Lastly, since Shirley's lines were a bit hard for me to understand at first, I've put the lyric in the extended entry.

She was morning and I was nighttime.
I one day woke up to find her lying beside my bed.
I softly said, "Come take me.
For I've been lonely,
in need of someone as though I'd done someone wrong somewhere.
But I don't know where,
I don't know where come lately.

You are the Sun, I am the Moon.
you are the words, I am the tune.
Play me."

Song he sang to me.
Song he brang to me.
Words that rang in me.
Rhymes that sprang from me all the night.
And what was right became me.

You are the Sun, I am the Moon.
You are the words, I am the tune.
Play me.

And, so it was that I came to travel
upon a road that was thorned and narrow.
Another place,
another grace would save me.

You are the Sun, I am the Moon.
You are the words, I am the tune.
Play me.

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