June 08, 2006

Iraqis can take pride in their joy that Zarqawi is dead. They've earned it.

It's interesting that the word on the street was that Zarqawi had come into bad graces with al-Qaeda because he was targetting innocent Iraqi bystanders because, I mean, targetting innocent bystanders is what al-Qaeda does, afterall.

But, apparantly, Iraqis are not Spaniards. They'd lived and died for decades under the boot of Saddam and were having no more of that rot. Thankfully, it may have been the @#$%-terrorism-and-the-camel-it-rode-in-on resolve of the Iraqi people that led, finally, to Zarqawi's demise.

Al-Qaeda has failed in Iraq. And in Jordan. And, soon enough, anywhere else that has had to endure it's "leadership".

Europe (and the rest o' you "peaceniks"), take note. Appeasement leads to slavery and shame. Victory leads to freedom and peace.

Sic semper tyranus.

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