March 05, 2006

Babs Makes a Fool of Herself Again

Michelle Malkin points to a post at Beautiful Atrocities that highlights some of the finer qualities of Barbra Streisand's impressive way with words.

"Over the last 5 years, Bush's leadership has resembled that of a dictatorship. The arrogance of this C student [Bush has Harvard MBA, Streisand has high-school education] who maligns his opponents’ crediblity [sic] by calling them flip floppers, is the biggest flip flopper himself! When debating Al Gore during the 2000 presidential elections, Bush spoke against nation building, yet went into Irag [sic] a year later [sic] to national build [sic]…"

And there's lots more.

While taking a cheap shot at the scholastic achievements of the President, Streisand knocks out this paragraph:

. In the 1970’s[sic], during the Nixon Adminstration[sic], serious political curruption[sic] arose and the Republican leadership stepped up and took responsibilty[sic] by holding hearings and subpoening[sic] administration officials. Eventually, the President was forced to resign rather than face impeachment preceedings[sic] that likely would have been successful. It is clear that today's Republican Congressional leaders are not prepared to hold this President accountable. Therefore, it’s critical that people elect members of the Democratic party to the House and Senate so that a new leadership can take control. Only if this occurs, can we even begin to imagine a time when there will be a myriad of investigations so desperatly[sic] needed on so many issues…let alone the ultimate investigation which would involve the conduct of the President of the United States and the determination of whether his actions warrented[sic] impeachment proceedings.


...So it is not surprising to find out that the while the[sic] Bush Administration is trying to quietly slip this port security deal under the radar, they are simultaneously negotiating a free trade agreement with the UAE. Why be surprised? This President, ‘jokingly’ stated "If this were a dictatoriship[sic] it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."

I don't even have the heart to address the actual "substance" of her "statement" as much of it has already been discredited in the days following her posting (Feb 28th).

And the award for Best Blog Post Title so far on this subject goes to.... DonkeyCons, with For Whom The Bell Curves.

UPDATE: Drudge has posted on this and links to a "Truth Alert" message from Streisand's "staff" (I guess) in 2002 after the whole "Gebhart" thang. After explaining that Babs dictated the note over the phone to a new staffer, the message assures us of the following:

THE IRONIC FURTHER TRUTH.. Hidden in this example of diverted news priorities is the fact that Barbra Streisand is a great speller, meticulous in her written communications!

Well.... most of the time, maybe. The ironic further truth of this latest missive is that she went out of her way to call Bush an intellectually lazy and/or underachieving "C student" at the same time that she posted a sloppily written, un-proofread thesis.

The 2002 "Truth Alert" also complained about the attention that the "Gebhart" gaffe received:

The incident illustrates how the Democratic message concerning the failures of this Republican administration are repeatedly pushed aside in the media, pre-empted by silly side-issues. The real truth, the really important and relevant truth, is having a hard time getting through.

Heh. Heh heh. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! The "Gebhart" error got attention not because the seriousness of the issues of the election season were being "pushed aside", but because we don't expect to learn anything useful from the talking points tossed salads&trade that are the predictable, self-important, uninsightful and severely unsourced bloviations of Barbra Streisand.

But, as Sister Toldjah says, "...I don't consider this a 'serious issue' - merely a funny one! :)".

And, to be fair: At least she didn't misspell "potato"!

UPDATE (7 March): After seven days, Babs has finally corrected the errors. Yay!

Now, if only she had some friends who read her blog, she could get it done a lot sooner!

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