January 12, 2006

Well, that was a cakewalk...

Yay! I passed the U.S. Citizenship Test with a perfect score! **ahem**

(Yeah, so? It was easy as pi, so what...?)

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 10 out of 10 correct!

Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

Okay, I admit: On one of 'em I narrowed it down to two possibilties and guessed. Guess which one!

Posted by Tuning Spork at January 12, 2006 12:45 AM | TrackBack

Yo, Spork. Long time no anything. How you dune? I'm guessing it was number 5 -- what year was the Constitution written. Were you considering that it might have been "written" in 1786 but ratified in '87?

Posted by: Freedom's Slave at January 12, 2006 03:36 PM

Yep.. We have a winner!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at January 12, 2006 07:10 PM
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