December 09, 2005

Weatherblogging again...

A few inches of snow fell overnight and it was still snowing when I left the house for the bus stop. The absence of the kids waiting for their school buses was a tell-tale sign that school had been cancelled today.

Cars were moving slowly as the streets were only semi-plowed. By that I mean that thwy were plowed earlier, but plenty of new snow filled the voids. One very long pick-up truck tried to make a clean U-turn on Park Avenue and spun it's wheels a bit. Even though the bus was moving slower than normal it still arrived on time on account of there was hardly anybody on it. But, off to work I go.

After a few slips and slides the Coastal Link dropped me off in Milford for my ten-minute walk through the blizardy bluster. I stopped off at McDonald's to pick up breakfast. The lack of traffic and patrons was a bit eerie. The falling snow made everything pretty quiet even though a wind was blowing. The parking lot of the strip mall where I work was empty nut for a few cars and a snow plow. So why the hell am I going to work when everybody else is home and comfy? Rhetorical question, that. I got a little late: 9:45am.

Of course, Bossman hadn't yet picked up the paper and envelopes that I needed for the morning's jobs. I spent some time doing bindery work -- which was just fine with me. I wasn't exactly in a "press on" mood. In fact, I was surprissed that he didn't just call it a day and send us home. There was already 3 - 4 inches on the ground and more coming down with a vengeance.

After a couple hours I called Bossman on his cellphone. "How are the roads?" I asked him. "Oh, well the highway's alright but the roads are bit iffy." I told him that I thought I might want to bug out soon. My bus was sliding around on the way in and it looks like there'll be no let-up soon. Maybe I should play safe and leave now. I'd gotten done what needed to get done and he said "Fine". So, at 11:45, I headed for the bus stop. I knew I'd never make the 11:50, but I'd make the 12:10.

Turns out that there is no 12:10. They run once an hour at that time. So I waited. I threw snowballs at a No Tresspassing sign and pretended it a strike zone. Got the third out with the bases loaded to get out of a jam without giving up a run. I'm out of practice.

Note to snow plowers: When scraping along the side of the road, lift the plow when you pass a bystander. Twice in about five minutes I was pummelled by a wall of dirty street slush. Yecch!

Anywho, while it still pretty cold, the wind had died down and I noticed the incoming sky was clear and blue. At 12:44pm the sun emerged from the last remnants of the storm cloud. The ambient temperature rose about ten degrees in as many seconds. The snowfall was over and by the time the bus arrived there was no a cloud in the sky. Not even a wisp.

Should I head back to work?

I was cold and wet. My jeans, longjohns, socks, hat and gloves were soaking. I got on the bus.

I walked through my front door at 2:40pm while dreams hot showers danced in my head. When I got to the bathroom I'd discovered that my housemate had just taken a shower -- which means no hot water to shower in. Brrrr. Grrrrr. Brrrrrr.

Well, it's now 5:30 and I've accomplished nothing. Except that I ate some english muffin pizzas. And read a few blogs. My jeans are still damp and I'm heading for the shower. Then I'll have some tea. Hot. With milk and honey.

File under: Lame post #328.

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