December 08, 2005

Oh, I am sooooo kumfterbul now

Long story short: The bus I waiting on was half-an-hour late and I ended up standing in the f-f-freezing cold for about 45 minutes. This driver's usually late but not THIS late. Some of us started to wonder if there'd been an accident. One gal told me that she'd been standing around for nearly hour. Something was up.

When the bus finally arrived there was a platformful of people wanting to know why this guy was so @#$% late. Pretty much all he offered to one irate passenger was "no disrespect, but I had a situation". One angry gal took her seat muttering "'situation' my ass...".

So the 6:10 started rolling at about 6:45 while some people were murmuring about what this guy might've really been up to. I buried my head in my sudoku puzzle book. (It's addictive, I tells ya.)

When I stepped off the bus my feet suddenly felt like thawed-out previously frozen bologna or something. Cold, tired, achy and ready to get my weight off of them and into a hot bath. Oooo, a hot bath, I thought! I haven't had one of them in nearly two years.

Cousin B, who is between abodes and staying with us this week, was in the kitchen mopping the floor. "Just earning my keep," he said. I was surprised to see him home so early. He usually get home about two hours after I do.

"What time did you get out of work?" I asked. "1:00; I took in a movie," he said. I then told him about the bus being late.

Turns out, he was on the 5:10 -- the one just before mine. That bus left on time. But, at the intersection of Park and Capitol, a car had swerved in front of the bus and our driver hit the brakes and off the car sped. While, according Cousin B, the jolt surprised everyone, everybody was fine except for one particular woman who fell forward out of her seat and onto the floor. Cousin B says the stop was sudden but not inordinately so.

"She was maybe late 40s, early 50s," he mused. "She was a strong woman," he said shaking his head. "She was fine."

But she sat on the floor and moaned a little; complained a little. Our driver asked Floor Woman if she needed medical attention. She moaned "Yeeeeaaaahhhh...." She then said that wanted to speak to the head of the bus company or something. Since no one on the bus believed that she could've been really injured, the discussion turned sour. According to Cousin B, as 5 minutes turned into 10 and 10 turbed into half-an-hour, the driver was about ready to throw her lying ass out onto the curb. B got off the bus and walked the rest of the way home.

So anyway, a few hours later I felt bone-chillingly cold again. I just got out of a hot bath. Core temperature up; soft glow of the monitor; tea, hot with milk and honey. Oh, man, this is sweet.

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For fear of some sort of Kafka-esque Transit Authority Silencing Squad, I have no recollection of these events.

Posted by: Cousin B at December 9, 2005 11:35 AM
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