November 27, 2005

I made a boner, but it was okay.

Sometime after Thanksgiving dinner my grandmother, my mother, my sister and I played a game of Scrabble. My mother put down the word BONER. Uhhh.. ma? "A boner is a mistake, y'know? Like 'to make a boner'." I believe she scored 9 points as my nephew giggled and my sister said to him "Shhh, we know what it means".

So, we got together last night (Saturday) at a fancyish restaurant with some family that couldn't make it to Thanksgiving dinner. At one point my grandmother mentioned to my aunt that we'd had a great time on Thursday and that we'd played Scrabble. My aunt, for some reason, asked me if we put down a lot of dirty words. I told her that my mother put one down but that she didn't know it. "It's a word with a couple of meanings, one of which is kinda dirty," I told her.

Well, of course my aunt (who is my mother's younger sister) wanted to find out what the word was. My aunt's date locked eyes with me in hopes that I'd clue him in. I mouthed the word to him. Word apparantly got back, via my aunt, to mom.
"You mean there's another meaning?" my mother asked her. My aunt must have told her quietly because my mother roared!

"No," Gramma insisted, "a boner is a mistake!" It's pretty funny to hear your mother and grandmother discussing the word boner loudly across a large table in a fancyish restaurant. Ooops. More giggling ensued.

I'm still not sure if my grandmother ever learned the other meaning.

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as a matter of fact, a boner is slang for someone who operates a Zamboni. Where are ya'lls minds at???

Posted by: Sister the elder at November 27, 2005 05:46 PM
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