November 11, 2005

Well, That Was Odd


First I noticed that I existed and, by the voices, that there were others around me. But I knew nothing of what or where I was. The voices were female and things began to seem a bit familiar. This is the bus, I realized, and I was about to die.... then I snapped up while taking a quick deep breath and things immediately seemed a lot clearer. I wasn't about to die.... I was about to fall asleep. Head so foggy. My brain was tingling with growing comprehension, just like back in the days when I was a teenager and used to hyperventilate and then hold my breath while squeezing my chest to get the oxygen overdose until I passed out. Coming to then was just like this. Where was that damn bus driver going? Oh, he was off to that little store for a bottle of water, I guessed. I put the crossword puzzle in my coat pocket. If I'd dared to look at it I might've never woken up again.



I was in the back of the bus hunched over a crossword puzzle. I'd completed only about half of it and wondered if I could finish it. The remaining spaces -- large chunks of the puzzle -- were empty because I just could not get any of the cross-words and get a clue about the other words. The bus came to the stop just in front of the A&P supermarket and, by the sound of their voices and the character of their banter, I knew that a few highschool girls got on board. The bus driver turned the engine off.

The girls came closer and closer as I stared straight through the crossword puzzle. I wasn't distracted -- I had nothing on my mind. My only sensory input seemed to be their words which I was not listening to. In my upper-left peripheral vision I saw one girl sit down directly in front of me. "Sit over here, girl," a more distant voice said, and the sitting girl skooched over toward the voice. I thought of looking up. I thought that I might be dreaming and remembered that if I ever wondered if I was dreaming, I was. I didn't know where I was.



Hmmph. That's never happened before. Everything you just read that happened between "'Sit over here, girl'" and "Head so foggy" happened in the space of about three or four seconds. Maybe it was a mini-bout of narcolepsy? Weird, that.

Posted by Tuning Spork at November 11, 2005 07:06 PM | TrackBack

Probably the lingering effects of too much blanket wash used in an enclosed space!

I love that pressroom buzz.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at November 12, 2005 03:09 PM
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