March 06, 2005

The future is now, dag nab it!

The tide has turned and Bashir Assad is missing the boat. (How's that for a cruddy turn of phrase?!)

The future is now and some people don't get it. With regard to Lebanon some are insisting that Syria maybe shouldn't be demanded to pull their troops out quickly. Assad and the Syrian occupation is suddenly in a weak position and some on the appologist end of things want to strengthen it. "Ooo, let's take a 'go slow' approach before something dramatic happens."

Funk that!

To Mister Assad, and other tyrants, I just wanna say this:

You grew up in a world of priviledge. You've reached a place of power that was handed to you and that you've been long-prepared for. You know no way of life other than your own. As a monarch, being in power is not your job, it's your life. Perhaps you think of yourself as a steward of your country and protector of your contrymen. I hope so.

But, I ask you: When is a leader not a leader? When he's a tyrant. As George W. Bush mentioned in his inaugural address, if you seek to lead a people you must first learn to trust them. A "leader" who does not trust the People is, inevitably, not their leader but their oppressor.

You can be one of ten thousand other tyrants who lived and ruled and died and will be forgotten by history. Or, you can be a leader who leads his people into a new era of liberty and prosperity. By taking the reins of reform, not the yokes of further submission, you can help to usher in a new day. Follow the lead of a Mikail Gorbachov. Put your people ahead of your power, and you'll truely be a leader of the People.

Let's do some good in the world every day, folks.

Spork out.

Posted by Tuning Spork at March 6, 2005 08:45 PM
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