February 14, 2005

When You Move, Try To Remember Where You Put Things. You Might Want To Unpack Them Someday.

So, here I am, ready to record some music for the first time in years.

I haven't recorded anything since I moved here, almost three years ago, and I've been looking for my equipment. I know where my guitars and keyboard are, of course, but it took me two days to find the drum machine. Problem is: I can't find the adapter to plug it in.

I also can't seem to locate all the various chords and microphones. I thought they were in a box in my bedroom, but, nope. I don't even know where my frickin' microphone stand is. It's probably way back in the corner of the "den", which Chris and I use for storage. *sigh* It's gonna take a heap o'movin' stuff around to get to it. I don't need the mic stand, but my microphones and chords might be somewhere in a box nearby. This sucks.

Found my digital delay and a distortion box, though.

Fired up the recorder on Saturday and it still works. Woo hoo! I put in an old tape I had lying around and listen to a couple of songs while moving the tracks' volume levels up and down. There's the guitar and vocal and he-e-e-e-re comes the piano on track 5! Now out fades the vocal on track 3 and up fades the harmonica on track 6! It's fun.

I've had these two new songs going through my head all day every day for almost a week now. I jus' gotta get 'em recorded so's I can stop thinkin' about 'em.

I planned on making a pizza tonight but then realized that I had no tomato paste or sauce. My stuffed mushrooms came out terrible -- too dry. The chicken is rubbery and even the baked potato wasn't very appetizing. Maybe it's just my mood.

Where! Are! My! Microphones?!!!

Sorry. I picked the wrong day to give up drinking.

Posted by Tuning Spork at February 14, 2005 10:54 PM

I know exactly how you feel about moving. I usually do this. Ok, where did I have that thing when we lived on the West Side? Ok. It was in the closet. So it probably went into X box which went into Y closet when we moved to the East Side. Eventually, that probably moved to storage room when baby came. Ok, storage room stuff came with us and moved to . . . basement. Ah, ha! Check boxes still in basement. This method may not work for you since you didn't live with me and it gets harder every day to remember where stuff used to be in an apartment I haven't lived in for 10 years. But, still. Actually, I bet this is of no help to you whatsoever.

Good luck with the recording!

Posted by: RP at February 16, 2005 09:16 AM
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