October 18, 2004

Protocol and Other Sundry Life Enhancers

So anyway, I was standing in line at Dunkin' Donuts a few years ago just cuz' I wanted a cup of coffee to wake me up after my long morning drive to work.

There was one line and one cashier/hostess/coffee server behind the counter. The lady first in line paid for her coffee and bagel and left, and the guy in front moved to the counter whipping out a long list of items to prattle off.
"Okay, I need..... uh..." he began.

This was no short list either. He wasn't ordering for 3 or 4, he was ordering for 12-15. My instinct to deal with this calmly suddenly gave way to an exasperated exhale of "Keeeeee-reist."

He turned to me defensively and visually sized me up. I had about a foot on 'im, but he was a stalky young man. Maybe somebody cut me off on the highway earlier and I was already looking for a face I didn't like, but my well-honed ability to let adversary roll off my back was being tested.
"I just want a cup of coffee," I said nearly appologetically.

"Sorry, buddy, but I was here first" he blurted at me.

That tore it.

"Dude," I began (I always call guys that I think are assholes "Dude",)
"If I were you, and had a list like that in my hand and knew that there was one guy guy in line behind me... I'd have turned and asked him if he "was just getting a cup of coffee and a donut, 'cause if you are you can go ahead of me 'cuz I (holding up phantom sheet of paper 'tween my thumb and middle finger) have a long list here."
I shrugged and walked toward the side door.

"Sir...?" I heard the coffee-maid chirp.

"T'sokay," I said, turning back and pointing over my shoulder with my thumb at the gas station next door, "There's coffee over there."
Looking at the patron with The List I muttered: "You just keep doing it as you see fit..."

He didn't say anything else to me, but I could just make out his reflection in the door as I sauntered out. He never took his eyes off me 'till I'd gone through the door.
He was either contemplating what I had said, wondering if he'd just learned something about common courtesy, or he was contemplating beating the crap out of me.

I got a better (and cheaper) cup of coffee at the gas station. Green Mountain: Our Blend. Not a bad cup o' joe.

What in the world made me remember that? Oh yeah! Kirsten has a post about protocol; what it's come to mean in her daily comings and goings, and what she feels about that. She wonders if she needs to get back to where she once belonged -- at least a little bit.

I dunno, though. I think that when you're young you tend to want to either ignore social protocol or deliberately taunt those who employ it. But, the older we get the more we realize that common social protocol is there for very satisfying reasons, and that being a young punk in somebody's face is more more fun than having a young punk in yer face.

Anyway, the Link Of The Day Month goes to the Mermaid. Enjoy!

Posted by Tuning Spork at October 18, 2004 10:11 PM

You just made my day. You rock! You are right about being a punk vs. facing a punk. It is all about the perspective we are in I suppose. Have a great one.

Posted by: Kirsten at October 19, 2004 02:10 PM

I always do. ;D

Posted by: Tuning Spork at October 20, 2004 09:53 PM
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