October 16, 2004


Every six months or so my friend Lawruh and I get together to prepare an experimental dinner for her family and ourselves.

It is time.

Tomorrow we'll be caged in her kitchen making up stuff as we go along. Well, it wont really be so haphazzard; we've got a basic menu planned. We're going with a harvest theme this time.

What delicious dishes Lawruh will be whipping up:

Roasted Roots
(White potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, onions and one or two others I've forgotten, tossed in a garlic, parsley, fennel and olive oil coating... until she decides to change something. And there'll be ceyenne ovcer half of it for those of us who like it spicy!)
Butternut Squash Couscous
(She's good at making the couscous.)
Corn Chowder
(She says she's not sure if she's gonna do this one, but she can't stop talking about it so we'll likely be eatin' corn cowder tomorrow.)
Cranberry-Corn Relish
(Boiled in apple juice, not water, then chilled to be a topping for...)

What delicious dishes Tuning Spork will be whipping up:

Grill-Roasted Turkey Breast
(With a dry rub of paprika, cayenne, garlic, onion, black pepper, red pepper and whatever else I wanna throw in; slow-roasted over water in the charcoal grill for 2 hours.)
Whole Wheat Raisin Bread with a Plum Sauce Swirl
(I've never attempted this before, but it should turn out pretty good if my theory is correct. [If all goes well, recipe will be posted.])
Peas and Pearl Onions in a Lemon/Pepper/Butter Glaze/Sauce
(Lawruh has her doubts about the lemon-on-peas motif. I'll show 'er...)
Twice-Baked Apples for desert
(I've already posted that recipe. This time I'll be making it for 7.)

The specialest thing about this particular cook-off of ours is that it'll be videotaped. We're gonna present a frickin' cooking show! :D

Just hope the kids and dog can get in and out of the kitchen without tripping the tripod...

Posted by Tuning Spork at October 16, 2004 09:33 PM

Good luck, it sounds like good eats!

Posted by: Ted at October 16, 2004 10:23 PM

Sheesh! Lemme get out of bed first!

Posted by: Victor at October 17, 2004 07:18 AM

Careful with cooking the peas with lemon - the citric acid tends to turn 'em a really ugly shade of brown. I did that to some beautiful asparagus recently, thinking that if sprinkling them with lemon was good, cooking 'em in it was better.



Posted by: Light & Dark at October 24, 2004 01:16 AM
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