July 15, 2004


I am so-o-o-o-o glad to be back on-line in time for today.

One year ago today I left blogspot and became something akin to a charter member of Munuvia. YAY!

As I recall it all began just because I was trying to add Comments to my Blogspot blog. For some reason Susie noticed my struggle -- I believe it was through our postings at FrankJ's -- and offered some guidence.

When I ran into some problems with the provided solution she finally directed me to Pixy Misa.

I contacted our fearless leader and explained my predicament and he offered, on Susie's recommendation, to put me on his own server -- some weird thang called "mu.nu".
Recognizing the ".nu" part from denbeste.nu I was immediately intrigued.

Being stuck on Blogspot with no Comments left me feeling very unfullfilled and eventually I'd lost interest in blogging. The only visitors I was sure of were the friends and family that mentioned that they'd read this or that post.

I hadn't run out of things to say, mind ya, I just felt like I was blogging in a vacuum that sucked and there was about a two-month period when I wrote nothing nada zero zilch.

So, not only could Pixy get me comments, but he could help me to blog a.nu in so many ways! I jumped at the chance! Soon there was Tim and Jennifer and Victor and Ted and Mookie and then LeAnn and Helen and Mr Green and Stevie and Roxette and Daniel and hln. (I'll stop there 'cause that was when I stopped updating the anthem... And, sorry, I'll get to the links later!)

O, how Munuvia has grown in the past year! Early Munuvuians Collins and Cherry have left us, but so many nu cow puppies have joined us. What a great band of bloggers -- and long may we reign!!!

As a tribute I present this testimonial of my thanks to Susie for emailing me one fine day in July of '03 and making me an unwitting pioneer on this wonderful frontier.
She was one of the first non-family/friends to notice that I existed.
(Sorry, Pixy. I would have photoshopped you if I'd only had a photo of ya!
No, really...!)


"Susie on my shoulder makes me happy..."


Posted by Tuning Spork at July 15, 2004 10:58 PM


(it really is an all-purpose comment, isn't it?)

Posted by: Susie at July 16, 2004 10:58 AM

Allow me to second that YAY!

Posted by: CD at July 16, 2004 05:10 PM

Stop that!

Mothers Against Yay.

Well, maybe a little one... yay.

My, that *is* fun, isn't it? It must be stopped.

Posted by: M.A.Y. at July 16, 2004 07:14 PM


Posted by: Pixy Misa at July 16, 2004 08:24 PM

Now I'm just searching my keyboard, oh, here it is: the Yay! button.


Posted by: Simon at July 18, 2004 04:56 AM

I have not yet consumed enough of the Mu.Nu cool-aid to feel comfortable with a "yay", so instead, Congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary!

Posted by: Random Penseur at July 18, 2004 06:24 AM
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