April 01, 2004

A Meandering Thought

I just watched Greta Van Susteren interview Karen Hughes, and Karen said something that's got me thinking (uh-oh).
The interview, for the most part, wasn't as interesting as the one will Bill O'Reilly last night, but, whatever...

Greta was asking her about her experience of September 11th and Karen described the scene where she was at home and watched the 2nd plane hit the South Tower. She said, as best I can remember, I got down on my knees and prayed for the people in the building. I got on the phone and told this to a friend and she asked me 'Why not the people on the plane?' Huh? It never occurred to me. She asked what kind of plane it was. I said "I don't know, a big one, a passenger plane.' It never occurred to me that there was people on the plane."

That's weird, because I had the exact opposite reaction. I didn't see the 2nd plane hit as I walking to my truck and on the way to work at the time. But, I distinctly remember thinking of the passengers on the airplane and only after a few moments realizing that there were people in those offices that'd just been squashed like bugs out of existence. She thought of the people in the building and I thought of the people on the plane. Maybe it's a male/female thing. I dunno.

Which reminds me of something I saw on TV some time ago about a study wherein they asked a roomful of people to draw a bicycle. One conclusion was that men and women had very different attitudes about mechanics.
Most of the women's drawings were missing one important element: the chain! While men seemed to start (after the wheels, of course) their drawing at the pedals, chain and axels, women started at the handlebars.

I love women, but (or, rather, because), in a lot of ways we're very different people! :D

Posted by Tuning Spork at April 1, 2004 10:58 PM
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