October 19, 2003

I'm Still Here

Yay! A post!

I know, my blog has been sucking rocks for a few weeks now. I haven't even bothered with blogging in 4 days and I don't know what's wrong with me. Oh, wait! Yes I do.
In no particular order:

A friend of mine got sick and checked himself into a crappy hospital. The so-called doctors at this crappy hospital convinced him that he was dying. He started to sell-off the entire inventory of his used record and collectibles store.
After a few weeks he got suspicious and checked himself into a real hospital. He's fine now, perfectly healthy, but his business is shot. Now he's gonna salvage what he can and contunue to sell on-line.

Incidentally, what made him suspicious and check-out was the day a guy got hit by a car just outside the hospital and they couldn't treat him.
Sounds like a job for Jacoby and Meyers.

I hate the Marlins for the way they dismantled their team after winning the World Series in '97, but I can't root for the Yankees either (what with them being an American League team and me being a Mets fan). I have no one to root for here. Dang! A Cubs-Red Sox series was so close I could smell it.

Joe Buck seems like a nice enough and well-informed guy, but jeeze, how 'bout some energy?! Bring back Al Michaels. At least McCarver doesn't seem to be talking ad nauseum lately about things like how the top spin of the grounder made it scoot toward the palm side of the infielder's glove, or why the 2-1 count was the perfect time for the pitcher to look sideways at the sprinkler system.

I'm smoking again, but it's different now. Spookily different.
Whereas I was smoking two packs a day, now I can open a pack on Wednesday afternoon and not finish it 'til Friday morning. I think my subconscious finally got the message.
The pack I had when I got up this morning had 5 cigarettes in it, and I'm -- let's see -- 4 cigarettes into the next one. 9 coughin' nails in 15 hours! Good; not great.

I don't smoke at work anymore, and even yesterday (Saturday) I went without until about 5pm. As long as I'm active I'm fine, but I just can't relax, say, at the computer, and not crave a ciggie. Small steps, Sporky, small steps....

My monitor hasn't seen fit to fix itself yet so alot of websites and blogs are unreadable to me. Tiny dark text on a bright white background is a no-no!
I haven't been able to read IMAO or the Emporer in weeks, and even many mu.nu blogs are too hard on the eyes to get through.

Caught In The X Fire is fine since it -- like this -- has a dark background and light text. And I can get through Susie, Jennifer and Rocket with some relative ease. The more dark colors there are on the screen the better. Too many brights bleach out the text, and enlarging the font actually makes it harder to read. The broken/bleached letters just look biggerly broken and bleached-outier.

Oh well. The Yankees won and have evened up the series, so it ain't any closer to being overwith.
Wow, I seem to be in a bad and/or lethargic mood lately. If the news doesn't pick up I'll just have to start posting my friends' darkest secrets or something. mweheheheh.

UPDATE: Sorry, couldn't provide any links. My 'puter seems to want to freeze everytime I try to clickity in a URL.
Now where's that sledgehammer....

Posted by Tuning Spork at October 19, 2003 11:46 PM

I'm sending good thoughts for you, Amigo. Good luck with the cigarettes. Even cutting back is better than nothing.

I know what you mean about this series, I just don't care.

You can't read these comments, can you? :)

Posted by: Ted at October 20, 2003 05:36 AM

Oops, sure you can, just not the entry form, since it's black text on white background.

Posted by: Ted at October 20, 2003 05:37 AM

Yep, can read you just fine here... It's the bloggin' login page that's hard to read. That's why I've been posting with more typos than usual; I can't see them very well until they're posted.

Hehheh, posting from work is fun. :D I think I'll just have to take this computer home with me every night.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at October 20, 2003 09:51 AM

I can't read Tiger's page for the same reasons...

Posted by: Stevie at October 20, 2003 02:21 PM

Small steps are fine...and good luck in vanquishing the damned things.


Posted by: hln at October 20, 2003 10:49 PM
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