January 05, 2006

Point / Counterpoint


First of all, my condolences and most heartfelt hopes are with Prime Minister Sharon, his family and the state of Israel. It is sad to see this bull of a man in such a weakened state right now, and many are no doubt wondering why this has happened at this particular time. I must say that clearly, clearly, this tragedy has befallen Mister Sharon because he has been disobeying God Almighty. He has been dividing Israel and God is very angry about that.

God considers this land to be his. You read the Bible and he says "This is my land," and for any prime minister of Israel who decides he is going to carve it up and give it away, God says, "No, this is mine." The prophet Joel makes it very clear that God has enmity against those who "divide my land.' Sharon was dividing God's land and I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the EU, the United Nations, or the United States of America.

Regardless of what the ancient maps say was the Israel of King David's reign, present day Israel is Israel and to give away any of it will infuriate God. I mean look at what happened to Yitzhak Rabin when he tried to barter land for peace with the Palestinians. He was shot dead. These things don't just happen. It was a terrible thing when it happened, but nevertheless he was dead.

So my point is that any Israeli prime minister who dares to forward a lasting peace process in a way that requires God's land -- as it is clearly marked on the maps in our World Almanacs -- to be set assunder will only incur the wrath of the Almighty. Thus spoke the Lord.


Who is this that speaks in My name? Who is this who dares to enlighten the world without first having darkened My door? "Why has this happened?" You have an answer? How can you have an answer when I have not revealed it to you? No, I will ask the questions and you shall answer Me.

Where were you when I laid the bedrock upon which your holiest shrines rest? Did you witness the birth of the stars and the death of the void? What psalm did the angels sing when first rain fell upon the dry sands. Tell me if you know! Who taught the birds of the air to soar and the fish of the deep to swim?

I will question you and you shall answer Me!

Where were you when the mountains arose and the trenches fell? Who planted the vines that sprawl across the globe or the gardens that perfume the air with their sweet scents? What Word unlocked the shackles of sloth to set loose the vibrant aurora and the rolling of the thunder? Surely you must know where the key is engraved!

Can you shout at the clouds and bring down a torrent of water? Can you send lightening bolts on their way? Do they report to you and say "We are here"? Have you seen the warehouse where the snow is stored -- or the sleet or the rain? Have you measured their dimentions and set their schedules? Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons? Can you explain why spiders, rather than flies, spin webs? Tell Me if you can!

There are many things unseen by the eyes that you have been granted; granted for a time of My choosing. There are mysteries to which you still have not found even the sparcest clue. There are codes that you cannot break -- as they were written without your consent or council. The secrets of the earth cannot be found in the sky.

You say that you know Me. I say that you cannot begin to know Me. Will the one who praises the Lord's name correct Him?

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September 18, 2005

I scream cones and holy war

Just read a post and comments over at Emperor Misha's about a story written here. More details here.


Burger King is to withdraw thousands of ice-cream cones because the design on the packaging resembles the Arab word for Allah.

The company has acted after the coincidence was spotted by a Muslim customer, Rashad Akhtar, at its Park Royal outlet last week (6), who later telephoned its head office to say that the packaging was sacrilegious.

The Muslim Council of Britain has backed the change.

A statement by Burger King (BK) to Eastern Eye said: "The design on the lids of our cones represents a spinning ice-cream cone.

"However, as a result of the feedback we have received, our supplier is amending the lid design."

The US fast-food giant said it would withdraw the packaging in "the near future" once an alternative has been designed.

But the action has failed to satisfy Akhtar, who wants the designer sacked and is calling on Muslims to boycott the fast-food company.

Akhtar, 27, of High Wycombe, who is married and a business development manager, said: "Them [BK] recalling this product is not sufficient. It should be taken away from the stores now.

"I have had no correspondence from Burger King.

"These people who have designed this think they can get away with this again and again. This is my jihad.

"How can you say it is a spinning swirl? If you spin it one way ? to the right, you are offending Muslims.

"I ordered my food and then got talking to a worker, a French guy.

"He asked me: 'Are you Muslim?'

"He showed me the cone.

"I felt humiliated."

The design change is likely to cost Burger King a lot of money. Even the small restaurants, such as in Whitechapel Road, order about 80 ice cream packages a week.

MCB spokesman Inayat Bunglawala said: "It is true that seen from a certain angle, the design on the BK ice cream lid could be read as closely resembling the word Allah in Arabic.

"We commend the sensitive and prompt action BK have taken to prevent any hurt being caused to the religious sensibilities of others by this."

It is not the first time Burger King has upset Muslims. In 1999, several Islamic organisations called for a worldwide boycott after the chain opened an eatery in the Israeli West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Adumim, considered by Palestinians to be illegally occupied territory.

Just for the curious, here is the Arabic word for Allah:


And here is the controversial Burger King ice cream cone lid, turned 90+ degrees counter-clockwise:


Is this controversy about something, or is it a lot of nothing? I report. You decide.

Extra credit: Compare and contrast this brouhaha with the outrage over the Flight 93 "crescent of embrace" memorial -- and the announcement of it's redesign. How is it similar? How is it different? Discuss...

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December 08, 2004

Michael and Me

[Sorry. Been working late all week because it took three frickin' weeks to get a new moisture form roller for the 1360 press. But here's a snapshot of banter between me and my moonbat friend Mike whom I love like a brother but sometimes.....>:]

Look at that. Re-dic-ulous!
That angel on that lampost...
What of it?
That's paid for for by our tax dollars.
What is this "our" stuff,?
Well... it's public property.
So it's an establishment of religion using public funds!
Well, it's an acknowledgement of religion...
You're not gonna go into that whole "free exercize clause" crap, are ya? 'Cuz this ain't free. This is bought and piad for by you and me.
What exactly is your problem with pretty Christmas decorations?
They offend me... as an athiest.
Why in the world do Christmas decorations offend you?
They're ramming Christianity down my frickin' throat here!
You seem to be ventilating just fine...
I should be able to walk down the dang street without being accosted by symbols of right wing fascist symbolism.
I think it's cute. The horn really makes it! Inspiring thing, i'n't it...?...
Well yer just a religious fanatic, aren't you?!
No, I'm an athiest who appreciates the value of faith.
Bah! Anyone who believes in God is an ass.
Well, what do you believe in, eh? Do you believe in good and evil?
I belive in the capability of man to do evil...
So, you believe in good and evil?
This is such black-and-white-world stuff. Life isn't black and white.
So what is it?
Gray, man. Real gray......
Sounds pretty dark gray from yer voice.
I just don't want this religious crap in my face, that's all.
Why not?
Because I don't believe in it! God! Can't I just be able to walk down the street without having other peoples' silly beliefs shoved in my face?!
No. Not in America. You're just gonna hafta deal with other peoples' beliefs if you want them to listen to yours, man.
But that crap offends me!
Because I'm an athiest!
Is today Wednesday?
Hey, Massino's Pizza has that buy-one-get-one-half-price special going!
We're so there!!!

[At least we seem to agree that sometimes it's best to leave an argument and keep your friend.] :)

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