May 03, 2012

Thin Themes

As an autodidactic apprentice, I'm a little self-conscious about what I post. Since I have no "mentors" or "test solvers", I'm left to judge for myself what's postworthy or not.

Since I haven't made a brand spanking new crossword puzzle in a while, I've decided to make it up you with a three-in-one post, made up of puzzles from the pile of thin-themed crap.

First up: A weak theme if there ever was one. I'm pretty sure that this dates back to my "make a real puzzle no matter how boring" days. Nine months ago, I think.


Newly clued, of course.

Across Lite:
Ye must clicketh.

Of today's three, this next one is the most recent. I had big dreams for it, at the time. But I just couldn't hit on that bigger idea that would've made it more than it is:


Mozel tov!

Across Lite:
Click to solve.

Third up: I don't even remember making this one. I think it's one of my better early puzzles, but it contained too much garbage even for my standards at the time. Imagine that.


I just finished cluing it so at at least it has that going for it. :-D

An Across Lite file follows almost immediately:
Clicky doodle.

My next post will consist of either a new puzzle or more old crap. Time will tell.

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