February 28, 2011


Still love the Roches.

This one's pretty much a themeless. Although some might say this contains a "mini-theme". Which, I guess, is a theme that didn't deserve to be a theme.


Recently I've been wondering if I'm making any progress.

I definately think that I'm better at this than I was two years ago. But, am I any better at this than I was one year ago? Have I reached my plateau and should just give it up already? Have I been a slacker in the grid's fill one too many times to adequately compensate for the fun clues? Have I exhausted my potential in this, so-called, "crossword" thing?

Initially, I'd anticipated getting some feedback in the "comments" section. But, alas, with rare exception, that has not happened. So, here we am and so let's take a poll, eh?

Shall I continue to post my crossword puzzles? And by "post" I mean "forever lead you on into thinking that I may, one day, post a puzzle worth solving". Or, shall I just call it a day and a crazy dream that'll never come untrue?

Or, should I seek out a community of well-meaning, encouraging, helpfully critically like-minded puzzle-makers who love to mentor the scalliwags and upstarts among us? Something called "Cruciverb", maybe?

Or, shall I just keep doing whatever I feel like doing?

Here's yet another Across Lite puzzle that awaits your click:
Click to solve.

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February 22, 2011

Foggy Memories of Sit-Coms Past


Across Lite file:
Click to solve.

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February 13, 2011

Some Guys


You do know that the only reason I continue to post crossword puzzles is so that I can exercise my PhotoShop skills, right?

Now you know.


Across Lite file:
Click to solve.

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February 02, 2011

February 2, 2011

Here's a song from my new favorite band, Summer & Eve with the Freshness. I know of them only because the piano player is crossword constructor Patrick Blindauer. This song is about country stuff.

They have a repertoire of short, funny, folky ditties. The entire show that the above video was recorded is available on line, from a different angle and with better sound and picture quality. Click the link below and scroll down just a bit until you see the post with the video link.

Click and scroll for entire show.

Oh, right. The crossword puzzle.

This is called a "step quote". Danged oddest kind of theme around. I couldn't seem to build a 15x15 grid around it, so I expanded it to 17x17. Pretty ugly, eh? Not the best fill in the world either, but I was in a rush to finish it so I could post it today.


Better, cleaner puzzle coming soon. I hope.

Across Lite file again:
Click to solve.

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