October 30, 2009

Speaking Clearly


Across Lite. You know the drill.
Click to solve.

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October 13, 2009

Interpretive Song Stylings

Boy, these larger grids take a whole lot longer to clue than the usual 15x15s. Whew!

It started out as a 15x15, but fitting in the theme entries kept making me have to expand the grid until it was 19x19, and symetry went out the window very early on. I like the look of the grid, though, and it kinda fits in well with this puzzle, anyway.

The circles aren't really neccessary, but I thought I'd better include them so as to be certain that the theme fill is differentiated from the non-theme fill.


Puzzle opens with AcrossLite.
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October 04, 2009

Evans' Question to Rogers Upon Seeing Their Feistiest Feline

A few days ago (with my 19x19 monster still asking me to finally clue it) I decided to take a cue from BEQ and make a crossword puzzle in the style of a distinctive constructor. I decided to emulate Merl Reagle.

I guess that means I'm emulating TWO constructors, though. Whatever.

Anyway, I tried to work in some Reagle-esque fill and some Reagle-esque clues -- which was a lot of fun -- and this is the result.


Puzzle opens with Across Lite.
Click to solve.

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