August 27, 2009

Out of Respect for the Deceased

An easy puzzle this week.


AcrossLite puzzle:
Click to solve.

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August 22, 2009


Okay, so I missed posting a puzzle last week, but I think this one will make up for it.

I actually put this grid together last Sunday, but held off cluing it until today. Why? Probably because the heat and humidity have been brutal all week and I needed last night's thunderstorm to lighten up the air before mustering the wherewithall to focus on such a demanding task. Mind and body walk together, folks.


That certainly looks like an awful lot of blocks, doesn't it? Still, there are only 36 so we're good.

The way they're arranged gives a word count of 80, but don't let that lull you into thinking this is going to be a cakewalk, no siree.

Puzzle, as usual, opens with AcrossLite.
Click to solve.

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August 11, 2009

Darn, late again

I finished this grid on Saturday but just finished the cluing.

I'm really not happy with 1-Across. It's just as bad as HCGP (Harris County Green Party) that I had in a puzzle a couple of weeks ago. I made the clue as obvious as possible but that probably wont help you. The crossings, however, should make it easy enough to fill.

Other than that, I hope it's a fun one.


Puzzle opens with Across Lite, of course.
Click to solve.

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August 02, 2009

News From The Healthcare Presser

You want topical? We got topical.

Since I don't employ test solvers, I just ran through the puzzle again.

It'll probably be a cakewalk in the northwest (18-Across notwithstanding), lulling you into a false sense of finishing in under 10 minutes. It gets a little more challenging toward the lower areas, though, I think.

The southwest, in particular, has a couple of obscure entries. But, hey, it's not like I stuck any airport codes in there or anything.


Puzzle open with AcrossLite.
Click to solve.

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