May 15, 2006

My Cat The Puppy

Stinky is that rare cat that actually comes when you call him. He also has a habit of getting lost if we let him roam around outside. (Well, it's not really a "habit" -- it's only happened three times in the past four years.) About two weeks ago it was dinner time and no Stinky in sight. Stinky never misses dinner. Housemate Chris found him -- after a half-hour search -- about fifteen houses away on the long street a block south of us. So, we have a new rule: Do not let Stinky outside alone.

Yesterday afternoon I let the dog out and, as usual, Stinky came running and slipped out and onto the back porch. Since he hadn't been outside in -- to my knowledge -- a few days, I let him walk around the side of the house and up the pathway toward my landlady's house. He stopped to try and chew on some long blades of grass. (Since he has no teeth it was an act of pure optomism...) I leaned over and petted him just to discourage him from trotting off to parts unknown. Once you start petting him he'll never want it to stop.

Chris was arriving home and coming down the driveway toward the pathway and gave me a look that said "Oooookay, just don't him out of your sight...". I said "Do you wanna take him in?". He said "Are you leaving?". I said "Just going around the corner to the deli." Chris called "Come on, Stinky, this way." Stinky looked up at me and asked "Meow?". I pointed and tried to get him to follow Chris but he wasn't understanding that. So I basically walked him back down the pathway to the front door and guided him in. Then I went to the store.

There's that old phrase: "This is like herding cats." Well, if all cats were like Stinky, herding cats would be as easy as cutting cheese.

Mmmmmmmmm. Cheeeeeese...

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