March 12, 2006

Police raid movie set

Found this story at the Connecticut Post's website.

STRATFORD — Police with lights blazing and sirens blaring descended on Sikorsky Memorial Airport Saturday after reports of a dozen armed men of "Middle Eastern origin" on the tarmac.

What authorities found instead was the crew of a low-budget independent film called "Soldier in the Shadows." Crew members were dressed in dark-colored clothing and carrying large black rifles.

Six police cruisers from the Stratford and Bridgeport Police Departments stormed onto the tarmac at about noon yesterday. I wonder how close they came to shooting the scene...
He said a pilot who saw several armed men of Middle Eastern descent near the planes contacted the control tower. The tower personnel, however, failed to tell the pilot about the movie and the pilot then called 911.

Heh. Oops.
"The same thing happened to us about a week ago while shooting on a rooftop on the Lower East Side," in New York said Goldsmith, who plays Tyler, a former Delta force operative looking for revenge after his wife and daughters were killed in a terrorist attack. "The police broke down the doors and came onto the roof with their guns drawn."

Aren't the police supposed to be notified of on-site film making? I guess not.

The real shocker is that they may actually be making a movie featuring terrorists of "Middle Eastern origin" who are bad guys.

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Uh, like you, my first thought was -- permits? Don't they need permits?

Posted by: RP at March 14, 2006 01:09 PM
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