March 10, 2006

What a day!

A few days ago it was the dead of winter. For months it's been either cold or colder. For the past week or so the temperature has hovered right around freezing -- which isn't too bad considering it's wintertime. Everytime I looked at my weather pixie it was somewhere between 2C and -2C.

During the past couple of days, however, the temperature has been up around 6C pretty consistently. Yesterday it went as high as 9C. That's about 48F.

Then, today, I watched the temperature climb about 10C. Then 14C. At about 5:00pm the temperature was up to 16C -- about 61F.

Then the sun went down. It got even warmer! I refreshed my page and saw that it was 20C -- 68F!


Oh, yeah. That's it, baby! Don't stop now...!

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