February 13, 2006

Bar Belle

[Here's a peppy li'l country ditty written by me and Tex about ten years ago. It's not one of the greats, but I've always had a soft spot for this one. :)]

'Twas 'bout a quarter to ten on a Saturday night
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flicker of light
Someone was moving a flame to the cigarette between her lips
I'd seen her before working the bar
and waiting on tables for tips

I'd thought of letting her know exactly what's for real
and makin' it clear to her just how I feel
but everytime I begin to open my mouth
she's called away and the words that I say
just ain't what's supposed to come out

I'm tryin' to pick up a bar belle
but my mind is beginning to drift
If I could get it together I'd get up and get her
and give that young lady a lift
I'm tryin' to pick up a bar belle
I'm looking for a heavy date
I'm starting to burn
When will I learn
that I just can't stand the weight

Now it's a quarter to two, I hear "Hey, Buddy, last call!"
If I can't do it now I'll never do it at all
She's moving my way, giving me my last shot
Her eyes are aglow in the neon rainbow
and the jukebox plays One From The Heart

With a closing time smile she sets down the glass
I slam it 'cuz dammit I gotta act fast
She's turning away, I say "Hey, just a sec..."
And she turns back around and I'm reachin' deep down
and I come up with the cash for the check

[repeat chorus]

Why do I give in to this endless hesitation?
It just leaves me stranded in a quiet deperation
Her days may we filled with lovin' or they may be drowning in sorrow
I'm gonna find out
when I come back tomorrow

I'm just tryin' to pick up a bar belle....
[repeat chorus and end on the Major 6th]
....I just can't stand the wait
I just can't can't stand the weight
I just can't stand the wait
I just can't stand the weight...

--Tuning Spork / Tex Kaliber circa 1995

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