January 26, 2006

Aw! I knew fer sure I oughta been an archeologist

Your Career Type: Investigative
You are precise, scientific, and intellectual.
Your talents lie in understanding and solving math and science problems.

You would make an excellent:

Architect - Biologist - Chemist
Dentist - Electrical Technician - Mathematician
Medical Technician - Meteorologist - Pharmacist
Physician - Surveyor - Veterinarian

The worst career options for your are enterprising careers, like lawyer or real estate agent.
What's Your Ideal Career?

Dentist? Yuk! And I'm not so sure about Veterinarian, Physician or Mathematician, either. (I tried to teach myself calculus about ten years ago. Not happening.) I did, however, study (and enjoy) drafting throughout high school and, years later, looked into surveying and cartography. Feelers also went out to Journalist and Physicist, but I'll just settle for armchair-status these days.

So I ended up running printing presses. It'd be pretty boring if I had good machines, though. Luckily, my machines are pieces of crap and I get to solve problems all day every day! :)

Tip o' the tam to Michele.

BTW, I'm not quite back yet. My old PC has magically come back to life, but I do have a new(er) Mac that I'm trying to clean up for the eventual switch. Hopefully it will know how to play .wmv files as nearly half of Michelle Malkin's recent posts have been useless to me. Excelsior.

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And on a MAC too!!

There is a windows media player for mac depending on the model and the operating system version.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at January 27, 2006 07:46 PM

Dude, I'm going to call you in 15 min. if you're line is busy call the number I gave you!

Posted by: michele at January 31, 2006 05:23 PM
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