November 15, 2005

Scenes We'd Like To See, pt 1

GLENDA: There's the house, and here you are. So, I ask you again: Are you good witch or a bad witch?

DOROTHY: Well, I already told you, I'm not a witch at all. Witches are old and ugly! **high pitched giggling** What's that?!

GLENDA: The Munchkins. They're laughing because... I am a witch.

DOROTHY: Well, beggin' yer pardon, Ma'am, but I've never heard of a beautiful witch before.

GLENDA: Only bad witches are ugly.

DOROTHY: Well, then, beggin' yer pardon, Ma'am, but if good witches are beautiful and bad witches are ugly then why are you asking me if I'm a good witch or a bad witch?

GLENDA: Uhmm.... **high-pitched giggling** What's that...?!

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