September 26, 2005

New London's Burning

What with the Scorsese Dylan documentary airing part 1 tonight on PBS, I figured I'd have yet another evening of non-posting. But, I got home a little early tonight so I figure I'll throw together this one.

I read this in the Connecticut Post this morning:

New London may dissolve agency in land debate
NEW LONDON (AP) -- The decison by New London officials to take back control of the development project at the center of a national debate over eminent domain has raised questions over how that will be done.

Well, well, well. The prime defenders (other than the development agency, of course) of New London's land grab are reconsidering. What brought this on?
On Tuesday, the New London City Council voted unanimously to express no confidence in the development authority. It ordered the corporation to dismiss it's president and chief operating officer, and threatened to dissolve the agency within a week if it did not do so."

Why, you wonder? That's cuz the AP wrote this story a little bit backwards.
The vote came after the corporation angered state and local officials by sending orders to vacate to five Fort Trumbull residents living on property being seized for a hotel and office space.

The corporation rescinded the notices under pressure by Gov. M. Jodi Rell. State officials had asked municipalities to hold off on property seizures until the legislature considers changing the state's eminent domain laws in light of the Supreme Court ruling."

Translation: Everyone's pissed about Kelo and "the corporation" -- a quasi-public development authority -- pushed the wrong buttons when they tried to expidite evictions when everyone else is fuming. Even the old supporters of the project were left with a bad taste in their mouths.

Oh, and the more I get to know my new Governor, the more I just love Jodi Rell.

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