July 30, 2005


The problem with trying to blog during the week is that I get home so late in the evening. If I get home at 8:30pm or 9:45pm, between making dinner and tending to other things (and trying to read a few blogs) I don't have a lot of time to construct a decent post or even, often, to find something that inspires a post.

Today I am heading up to a friend's all-day fiesta. The party started about 1 o'clock, but my ride didn't get off work until 2. He should be by in about half an hour, and I wont be home until sometime tomorrow afternoon.

But, just so's I don't have yet another day without a post, I'm a-gonna blog about -- yep -- the weather!

Wednesday was quite a hot, hazy and humid day. The temperature was about 92F. Walking around outside was like walking through hot butter. And by that I don't mean easy, I mean icky. For most of the day -- and for the previous few days -- there was precious little breeze. And the town of Milford is usually a pretty unusually windy place.

I left work at about 6:15pm and walked toward the bus stop. The winds were really picking up. Holy moly, was that a 50 mile an hour gust?! As I stood at the bus stop the winds were getting more and more cantankerous. It smelled like it would rain, but the clouds were so thin, white and high. An airplane flew overhead wa-a-a-a-y up the sky yet was still far below the clouds. Weird.

The bus arrived and I boarded. Just as I was taking my seat, the rain started. First as a drop here and there, then as a drizzle. A lightning bolt, over near the harbor! Another one, further inland! 10 seconds later, another one!

By the time we reached Milford center (about three or four minutes later) the rain was a deluge. I mean, if you were standing outside it would've been like standing in the shower. In less than a minute after the deluge started the gutters were frickin' river rapids.

And the lightning show? For a period of about three consecutive minutes the lightning flashes were averaging about one every 5 or 6 seconds! And, very strangely, only one of 'em was accompanied by thunder. Weird.

All in all, the storm lasted about fifteen to twenty minutes. It built up quickly, slammed us with all it had, then petered out heading east.


This tree was split by one of the lightning bolts as it passed through the town of Fairfield about half an hour earlier. A Milford man was struck by one of the bolts. He survived, of course. Looking at that tree, it's a wonder that people survive being struck by lightning.

By the time I got off the bus in downtown Bridgeport the winds had died, the sky was hazy, but the sun was out. All that remained of the storm was the debri in the streets, including a very large part of tree that lined one of the main streets. The street had been roped off pending the arrival of a crew to cut up and remove it.

Thursday was the most pleasant, dry, breezy, crisp, sunny 74-degree summer day imaginable. Yesterday and today are gorgeous, as well (though we could use a little less cloud cover).

And the dog doesn't wanna go outside. He's gonna lie on the living room floor and sleep all day! Well, I'm heading out to the shindig in a few minutes and housemate Chris is in a wedding today so he wont be home 'til late. Chris will likely come home to a house of hungry kitties and a pile of dog poop in the hallway.

(Yes, I tried to drag Tuco outside earlier. He showed me his teeth. Fine, lie on the floor all day, but don't come wimpering to me when you gotta go and no one's home to open the back door for ya. Dum dog.

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