May 21, 2005

Why am I doing UPS's work for them?

Two days ago we (my housemate Chris Huggies and I, of 195 Lorrentz Street) received a UPX delivery addressed to Chris Larster of 195 Brooklyn Avenue. It came from an operation called
This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

Here's the thing: Not only is Chris' last name not Larster, but we do not live on Brooklyn Avenue. So, WTF?!

Lorrentz Street is just off of Brooklyn Avenue. It's a "side street". In fact, it's a "dead end".

How did this happen? Who is Chris Larster? Why is she ordering merchandise from Harvest Village via UPS?
(I say "she" only 'cuz I can see that the first line of the enclosed letter begins "Dear, Ms Larster,..")

This morning we received a second package.

Since housemate Chris deals in "collecibles" I was almost ready to chalk it up to bad communication, a mislabeled package, an intrepid UPX delivery guy and let Chris handle it. But, he was no more wise to this than I was.

This afternoon I called information, 411, in search of a "Chris Larster" on Brooklyn Avenue. Nope. Unlisted number! Dang

So I grabbed the two boxes under my arms and began to walk to the address.

No, I'm not Abe Lincoln walking five miles to return a nickel. And I didn't do it right away, either. I did it because I just had to know what was at 195 Brooklyn Avenue and how their mail got onto my porch bench.

I arrived at 195 Brooklyn and found a large, old brick house that, apparantly, has been turned into a place of business -- possibly a law firm. I rang the bell.
Not surprisingly, for a Saturday, no one answered.
I walked home carrying the two boxes and mt jacket. It was quite a humid day, I might add.

Anywho, I googled "Gremlin Brooklyn" and found a list of their employees. Right there at the top: Chris Larster, President, with her email address right beside it.

Haven't heard from her yet, but I'm sure she'll be by to pick up her packages shortly..

**sigh** The things we gotta do. Thank you, UPX...

Posted by Tuning Spork at May 21, 2005 11:31 PM
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