March 24, 2005

And in other news...

I've decided to save my last Schiavo post for the day she dies. Other than that, I got nothin' right now. (Did I mention I was busy at work lately?)

Nothin' except fer a quicky crossword! :)

So, here's what t' do:

1) Draw a grid 11x11.

2) Fill in the spaces as follows (o=open. b=black):

row 1: 5o, 3b, 3o
row 2: 5o, 3b, 3b
row 3: 6o, 1b, 4o
row 4: 3o, 1b, 2o, 1b, 4o
row 5: 3b, 3o, 1b, 3o, 1b
row 6: 2b, 7o, 2b
row 7: 1b, 3o, 1b, 3o, 3b
row 8: 4o, 1b, 2o, 1b, 3o
row 9: 4o, 1b, 6o
row 10: 3o, 3b, 5o
row 11: 3o, 3b, 5o

3) Number the squares appropriately.

4) Solve the puzzle using the following clues! (I didn't try very hard to stump ya.... this time.)


1. Caesar, for one
6. ____ tung!
9. Ms. Oyl
10. Article, definitely
11. Surprising losses
13. Contemporary clone?
14. What you might do to a question
15. '82 flick
16. "Friggin' forever!"
17. Kiss noisemaker
18. 2nd amendment advocate
19. Some dinners
21. Green goal
22. Business disclaimer adjunct
23. Nothin' t'see here, mheh!
24. " negotiate ___ Paris" (Nixon quote)
25. Grant, for one
28. Sicilian ready to blow
29. Ship plate fasteners\
31. That girl
32. Posts for sails
33. Floyd's Syd (I know, I know, that was in the last puzzle, too...)
34 One who lives to live another's life (Chrike, I'm cynical sometimes...)


1. Tomato, for one
2. Rover's cuisine, maybe
3. Thith ith an example
4. Street crosser, at times
5. Discover, for one's self
6. Where I'm not
7. Bone, for one
8. Egg warmers
12. Starry
13. Still The One group
17. Main artery
19. Gave a thumbs down to
20. Nissan model
21. To the core
23. Hermann, for one
25. For fear that
26. Sarge's dog
27. A @#$% memory, for most
30. Shop ___ (just tryin' to keep it clean! :P )

Solve away! Solve it...! /Homer

(btw, theres an 18x18 coming as soon as I work out all the clues. This one, I hope, will be a genuine challenge..)

Posted by Tuning Spork at March 24, 2005 10:44 PM
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