March 15, 2005

How To Know Where To Look

So, anyway, I was at work this afternoon. I was preparing to run a three-color, two-sided brochure on glossy stock for one of our regular customers.

I was at the light table making sure that I had the masking right on the negative. The three colors are red, blue and black. I'd be running the red and black together on the two-color press because it's a very tight registration. The lead line of every one of about fifteen paragraphs was red; the rest of the text was black. Gotta make sure all the little tabs are folded back so's they'll burn into the plate, y'know.

Then I realized that had an older version of the brochure. Hmm. I had two versions for the front side, but only one for the back side - and it was the wrong one.

I spent a few minutes searching the file folders and the job box and looking around at the plate maker and other areas. It was nowhere to be seen.

"I must have filed it in the wrong envelope after the last time I ran this thing," I thought. Crikey, if I gotta start searching through all the folders it could take quite a while to find it that negative.

Then it occurred to me: If I misfiled the negative, where would I have put it?

Let's see... red and black brochure on glossy stock... Independent Special Investigations!
Opened the ISI envelope and TADA! there it was.

I call it "retracing my missteps".

Posted by Tuning Spork at March 15, 2005 08:31 PM
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