January 23, 2005

"Smell The Sound" (...and other quotes out of context)

So anyway, one day about ten years ago I was driving along tht Merritt Parkway and I could smell the beach. Seaside Park is, I guestimate, about two miles south of the Parkway, but it was a warm clear day and, for some reason, the smell of the saltwater of Long Island Sound came wafting through my open windows.

"Hey," I thought, "I can smell the Sound!"
Taken out of context, that phrase might make someone wonder what kind of acid I had dropped.

Friday night Tex's girlfriend Jessie - who works at a daycare center - was telling me about all of the sentences she hears on a daily basis that, she's certain, must have never been spoken aloud before. These are the "daily quotes" that Tex just has to hear from Jessie at the end of each day.

"Stop riding the refridgerator!" was Friday's quote.

The only other one I can remember was one mentioned by Norm: "Could you hand me that piano?" (I have no idea what the context of that one was.)

Anybody got any good ones you wanna share?

Posted by Tuning Spork at January 23, 2005 02:31 PM

Now that my gf and I are ratkeepers, there've been some good ones. My favorite is, simply, "Hold this rat."

Posted by: Victor at January 24, 2005 07:45 AM
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