October 11, 2004

Lame-ass Post #386

We all know that John Kerry has been running for president since about 1967, right?
Well, surprise! His lust for the oval office goes back even farther than that.

While just a toddler at the time, the super-intelligent Kerry was already well-heeled in the nuanced arts.
Check out this recently unearthed transcript of a speech he gave in October of '44 whilst practicing and honing his campaigning style:

"Back on 12/7 '41 we were, as the President said, attacked by air and navel forces of the Empire of Japan. And yet, nearly three years later, we are no closer to capturing Hirohito then we were then.

Instead, the President has purposely distracted our attention to the war in Europe.
He claims that Adolph Hitler is a threat to America despite the fact that Adolph has no means of attacking our shores.

Four months after that horrific disaster known as D-Day Hitler is STILL in power, and Americans are dying everyday in Europe.
He took our eyes off the ball and we now find ourselves in a quagmire in Western Europe and a seemingly never-ending and unprogressive chase through the South Pacific.

The Germans hate us; the Japanese hate us; the Italians hate us. And how, in our president's mind, can we hope to win the peace without the support of the Germans and Italians? What kind of an "alliance" is that?!"

This president has f**ked up this war from the very beginning all because he has no plan -- set out for all to see and judge -- to win the peace.

And so I say, Mr. President, that I only have one question: How can you ahsk someone to be the last man to die for this mistake?

Hmm. Li'l Johnny hasn't changed a bit.

Hey, I warned ya that this was a lame-ass post! Sorry. Watching baseball... :o

Posted by Tuning Spork at October 11, 2004 09:23 PM
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