September 05, 2004

Democratic Amoral Clarity

Sir George Turner's posting greatness continues over at the Rott.
(BTW, does anyone know why Misha isn't posting? I've asked a time or two over in the comments, but all I got were smart-aleky non-answers.)

Anyway, Sir George reflects on an article by a San Francisco liberal about the unprincipled moral wasteland that the Democratic Party has become. Substituting the pursuit of principle to the pursuit of winning at all costs, the Dems have nominated a candidate that reflects their own confused sense of purpose.

Or, as Sir George puts it in one paragraph:

Their fear of religion had them supporting a brutal fundamentalist theocracy; their demand for sexual equality had them supporting a country where women were horsewhipped for showing ankle; their horror at genocide had them supporting a man who ran death camps to meet the mass grave quotas; their disgust for soldiers had them support a country that was little more than an army ruling over the captive breeding stock that refilled the ranks; their fear of Ashcroft had them supporting a police state where people routinely disappear for not praising their maximum leader loudly enough; their outrage over the Florida election had them supporting a man who'd eliminated the last person foolish enough to vote against him. So after all these contradictions it was only a small thing to find themselves on a Quixotic quest to find a pro-war/anti-war candidate, a war-criminal/war-hero, an unwounded casualty, a patriotic traitor.


Posted by Tuning Spork at September 5, 2004 01:49 PM
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