August 09, 2004

MadLyrics are in!

I've gotten three responses to the MadLyrics post.

First up is from kermit!

Just fly right back and you'll hear a fart,
it's the tale of a smelly trip
that farted from this dirty port
aboard this rotten ship

The mate was a stinking sailin' man
The Skipper ugly and sure
Five bastards set sail that 9 months
on a 44 hour tour,
a 44 hour tour

The weather starting getting fake
The crunchy ship was caterwauled
If not for the open-mindedness of the hollow crew
the Buttcheek would be slithered,
the Buttcheek would be slithered

The ship oozed on the kitchen table
of this greasy isle
with Glenn Reynolds, the Skipper, too
the pimp and his cane,
the ho
the cop and FrankJ,
all here on Mr Fisk's Isle!

ROFLMFAO!! I think it actually made sense! FrankJ and Glenn Reynolds stuck on an island together with a pimp a ho and a cop! Much merriment for the Skipper to write about in his log! Thanks, kermit!!

(But, who the $^&% is Mr Fisk?!

Second installment comes from the lovely Claire (<--and don't forget to click on that link, it's hysterical!):

Just bleep right back and you'll hear a mooooo
it's a tale of darkish trip
that bit from this alive port
aboard this petulant ship

The mate was a feathered sailin' man,
the Skipper painted and sure
Five sillibi set sail that flash!
on a 3.14 hour tour,
a 3.14159 hour tour (just to be more specific, mheh)

The weather started getting blurry
the stolid ship was plotzed
If not for schizophrenia of the leafy crew
the Bull**** would be lost,
the Bull**** would be lost

The ship enchanted* on the self-doubt*
of this blue desert isle
with Snoozebutton Jim, the Skipper, too
the taster and his horse,
the sorter,
the plucker and Bill INDC,
all here on SondraK's Isle!!

A bizarre trip, indeed! The taster, sorter and plucker, eh? Sounds like they'll at least have some good wine on that *sniff* blue island.

**** I added the asterisks to Claire's "bull" to make it flow and funny.
* Claire missed two words among all the confusing verb past tenses, so I grabbed my dictionary and used the first noun and verb that I saw: "enchanted" and "self-doubt". Gives it an air of enchantment. And, self-doubt.

And, finally, we have Stevie's rendition:

Ju-u-u-u-u-st bounce right back and you'll hear a *squick*
it's a tale of a fugly trip
that spitted from this stupid port
aboard this hairy ship

The mate was a pissed-off sailin' man
the Skipper slovenly and sure
Five cajones set sail that decade
on a 729 hour tour,
a 729 hour tour

The weather started getting creamy
the spikey ship was assaulted
If not for the hypocrisy of the slimy crew
the Manure Pit would be punched,
the Manure Pit would be punched!

The ship farted on the snotrag of this
thumb-dicked desert isle
with Mad Mikey, the Skipper, too,
the Artificial Inseminator and his teabag,
the Nuclear Valve Tech,
the Fluffer and Acidman
all here on Velociman's I-I-I-I-sle!!!

I couldn't stop laughing when I typed this one!! Oh, crikey, that was the funniest thing I've ever typed!! Whe-e-e-w-w-w!!! Thank for that one, Stevie!!

Oh what are Acidman and Velociman gonna do with that Inseminator and Fluffer (and, no, I don't know EXACTLY what that means, but I'm laughing anyway...)..?

Thanks, kermit, Claire and Stevie!!!

Posted by Tuning Spork at August 9, 2004 12:13 AM

As a "princess" I once knew once said..."OH MY GWAD!" LMAO

Posted by: kermit at August 9, 2004 01:35 AM

Hmmm...trapped on an island with Claire and Sondra? Now that's the way to start the week!

Posted by: Jim at August 9, 2004 05:40 AM



I think I just dislodged three or four major organs here.... my lungs hurt.

I know exactly what all three of those guys're gonna do...

KICK MY ASS when they see that "thumb-dicked" isle shit...
here I go again... brb... *falls off chair*

I wasn't even thinking of anybody when I used that phrase. I was just going for "goofy".

I used you three, if y'all see this, cause yer my favorites!!!

still wiping tears...

Posted by: Stevie at August 10, 2004 11:24 AM

By the way...

I need an adjective and a name of person in room for that last one I did at Xfire....

Posted by: Stevie at August 10, 2004 11:26 AM

I just linked and re-read this whole thing and, man...

I also just saw where ya said you're not sure what a fluffer is, so I thought I'd tell ya. It what they call the chick who keeps p0rn star guys "ready", as it were.

Personally, I think "puffer", as in 'peter puffer' (thank you DI Hartman) might be more concise.

I take it you do know what the AI guy does?

Posted by: Stevie at August 10, 2004 11:39 AM

Yep.. and now that I know what a "Fluffer" is I'm laughing again!!!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at August 10, 2004 08:06 PM

Hmmm. I think you should seriously start thinking about getting a job...perhaps a lobotomy...maybe less booze..perhaps much,much MORE booze....

Posted by: haveayen at August 11, 2004 01:13 AM





Utterly Brill!

Posted by: Claire at August 11, 2004 11:50 AM

Hey! That's my Dad up there... Haveayen.

Hi Dad!!!
(He makes up his own MadLibs without a book... lmao)

Posted by: Stevie at August 17, 2004 06:18 PM
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