August 03, 2004

The Long Night

[I still have a few post ideas in m' head that I've yet to find the time to post, but, in the meantime, here's yet another silly song lyric. It's very minor-chord-driven. Hope y'like it!:

Look out for an empty smile;
something's coming into style...
They'll get you to drop yer guard
then buy you on yer own credit card...
700 club and alcohol
will calm you down 'til y'crawl
If pride is yer poison,
bet yer happy hour has come and gone...
There's so much darkness
we must be damn close to dawn

There'se precedents fer jungle law:
"fight fire with fire" and "dog eat dog"
Wanna be left in docile servitude
trading in our thought for food?
We're in a world of handing politicians
words with foggy definations
believing that the Truth must be left or right or wrong.
Oh, there's so much darkness...
we must be damn close to dawn.

talking head shops
killer raindrops
piled up pollution
sneaker Revolutions
zodiac signs
seedless grapevines
pet rocks and gold dust
and an electric toothbrush
caffeine and nicotine
pretend yer always seventeen
while random acts of congress
appeal to our selfishness....

If y'really wanna use your pride
let it take you for a ride
straight through the billboards, and 12-page advertisements,
to the plan of handing our domination down
to the every next generation
I think the choice will be clear
Don't dare ya prove me wrong...

There's so much darkness;
We must be damn close to dawn.

Posted by Tuning Spork at August 3, 2004 09:26 PM
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