July 26, 2004

How soft your fields, so green, will whisper tales of Gore...

I just watched Al Gore's speech at the convention and I'll say right off that I was impressed. He didn't go all red-faced with hate and anger at any time. He did get a little feisty with some angry words, but immediately he turned it into a positive message -- of sorts.

He mentioned 2000 several times, but followed each mention with either a punchline or a plea to get to the polls because every vote counts.
I disagreed with 75% of the substance of what he said, but he didn't make me want to throw things at my TV screen.

Anyway, here are some quotes and notes (very pithy):

About the 2000 election results:
"You know what they say; You win some you lose some... and then there's that third category..."

Y'mean the one where you lose the election and then whine about it for the next four years?

"Isn't international co-operation crucial to solving our dilemma in Iraq?"

No, but it was crucial to causing it.

"If our leaders make mistakes we can hold them accountable... even if they never admit their mistakes."

Well, we haven't yet y'Buddhist temple shakedown artist.

About John Kerry:
He was diligent "in opposing eco-..er... narco-terrorism..."

Heh heh... caught yerself pretty good there, Al.

UPDATE Wow. They actually finally let Jimmy "Malaise" Carter within 500 feet of a convention zone! Go figure.

Posted by Tuning Spork at July 26, 2004 09:12 PM
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