June 09, 2004

Evil Adware

The Drudge Report had a link last night to an item about some photoshopped photos of Stepford Wives versions of Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice that showed up in the TV ad for the new movie. But it was a very small photo and I couldn't be sure if the faces were really Condi and Hillary, so I downloaded the image into my documents.

Big mistake.

Suddenly everything was crawling at a snail's pace and I was eventually knocked off-line. I checked the task manager and there were about ten programs dumped onto my hard drive. I ended them and tried to get on-line again, but my Juno icon didn't work. After a bit of clean-up of the C drive I was able to get on-line again and get the spywareguide X-Cleaner to remove a bunch of adware/spyware programs.

Then it recommended that I reboot, so I did. But I couldn't get back on-line again! Perhaps one of the adware programs had latched onto something in Juno and when it was removed it took a part of Juno with it...?

Anywho, My friend Lawruh is going to download the Juno software for me, but I'm off-line until I can re-install Juno - hopefully tomorrow night. (I'm posting this from work.)

I suppose it's no biggie that I wont have a post up for a few days 'cause that ain't so unusual. I just hate that I wont be able to surf around and read and leave comments on everybody else's blogs. :(

Oh, well. So long, for now. I'll be makin' the rounds again soonly! :)

Posted by Tuning Spork at June 9, 2004 11:07 AM
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