March 16, 2004

Mm, do I smell buttermilk...?

I've never criticized Racheal Corrie before because:, even though I think that she was naive and misguided in her pursuit of peace-without-strength, she died unwittingly.
She thought that willfully putting herself in harm's way -- she was an American and with an American's understanding of things -- might just well be the ticket to success. Wrong.

Crappy Aniversary, Racheal.

With all due lament, and earned disdain, and in all good fun (to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel's "Richard Cory") Racheal Corrie:

Oh, they say that Racheal Corrie knows one half of this whole town
a political protester; she's spread herself around
She's traveled to so many trouble spots where Peace needs to be won
She really must be proud of everything she's done and done...

But, I work in this factory
And I curse this life I'm living,
I curse my luxury
and I wish that I could be, yes, I wish that I could be
Oh, I wished that I could be
Racheal Corrie.

She had so long to travel, but had so much to give
where every racist killer has every right to live
Some said she didn't see the obvious -
the irony on it's face -
that she trusted her own innocence
to keep her safe...

Her heart was full ofcharity
and a quite uncommon zeal!!
Courageous and observant!
A super human shield!!

So, why were we struck that morning
when the AP wire said:
"Racheal Corrie sat down last night
and watched a bulldozer clear her head."

And, I,
I work in this factory
and I curse this life I'm living,
and my security,
and I wished that I could be
and I still can't beliieve
that I wished to beeeee...
Racheal Corrie...

Posted by Tuning Spork at March 16, 2004 12:33 AM

You're right, today is Eat flat bread in good riddance to Rachel day.

Posted by: Tom at March 16, 2004 09:38 AM

Off Topic: Can you set up access for me again for Consent of the Governed? I want to change the template so that something is always displayed. If you could do it by adding me as an author from the MuNu list it would be easier for me. Thanks!

Posted by: MAdfish Willie at March 17, 2004 08:43 AM
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