December 26, 2003

Unseen Movie Review: The Matrix

[Dunno if this'll become a regular feature, but I shall now review a movie that I've never seen.
Just because I've never seen it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to form an opinion of it, does it?! Well, does it?!]

First up: THE MATRIX:

What the hell is this movie about?
I've seen a lot of ads and promos and heard a lot of chatter about this series and still, to this day, I have no idea if this thing even has a plot.

Oh, sure, it's supposed to have great special effects... I've seen those commercials where the frame is freezed and then the "camera" does a 45 degree "turn" to show the 3-D action frozen. But, is that all it is? I have no frickiin' idea!

I saw a promo where Keannu Reeves (I presume) is engaging in something that looks like it's supposed to be some kinda hand-to-hand combat. But, it looks to me to be something more like a crystal meth induced session of knick-knack-paddywhack. What the hell is going on here?!

I get the feeling that The Matrix is all style with no substance. But, I'm open to being persuaded otherwise by anyone who can gimme a clue about what the hell this mess is all about; 'cause the promotion department sure hasn't given me one.

Posted by Tuning Spork at December 26, 2003 08:50 PM

This is why I don't preview--when I do I think I've posted and close the comment box without hitting post! sigh...
Anyway, what I accidently erased was that the title of your previous post pretty much sums up the plot of the Matrix--life is but a dream to humans who are being used as an energy source by machines. It's pretty cool in an existential what-is-reality kind of way...
No preview this time, so pardon any typos...

Posted by: Susie at December 27, 2003 11:37 AM

Style over substance. The substance is there, but so much in the background that it may as well not be. Could have been an entirely different movie focusing on the plot and still been great, but very very dark.

Posted by: Ted at December 28, 2003 09:35 AM
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