October 07, 2003

Homer MacCauliff, Chairman: DNC.

There's a Simpson's reference for every occassion!

I've been trying to come up with an analogy for the MacCauliff-Clinton-Daschel approach to politics. They see their house is on fire and think "Hey! gasoline is wet! Let's throw some of THAT on it!"

Ever since Al Gore started the War in the Courts in 2000 we've had non-stop sophistry from the Demagogic Party. Blather and Brimstone. No ideas, just a reactionary game of Sit n' Spin.

They were on the ropes in the '02 mid-terms, and threw gasoline on the fire at the Senator Wellstone memorial service. They went into free-fall and lost big.

They've been trying to regain some of the lost support by becoming increasingly shrill and hostile, and then wonder why they're about to lose the biggest Democratic stronghold in the nation: California.

If all indications are correct then there are about to be a slough of lawsuits aimed at negating the recall vote and, in the process, disgust Americans even further. More gasoline on the fire.

Oh, The Simpsons!
Here's the life lesson reference:

It's the episode that begins with Homer and Bart using explosives to fix everyday problems around the house. That end-table's drawer is stuck, "No problem!" says Homer as he stuffs an M-80 into the drawer. "BOOM!!" and the drawer flies open, but destroys the end table. "Can't argue with results," chimes Marge!

There's a problem to be solved in Lisa's room (I forget exactly what), and Homer and Bart end up charring the bedroom.
"Hmmm," mutters Homer thoughtfully, "It's gonna take a lot of explosives to clean up this mess."

Unless the Dems get rid of the attitude of MacCauliff-Clinton-Daschel and everything they really stand for, the Democratic Party, sooner rather than later, may suddenly find themselves extinct.


Posted by Tuning Spork at October 7, 2003 10:31 PM
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