September 18, 2003

50 more dumb things about me

51. My three favorite songwriters are Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith.
52. After I left the Air Force I lived with my mother for a year. It was pure hell.
53. It was my fault.
54. Every sport is boring and tedious except for baseball.
55. I'm a Mets fan.
56. Tom Seaver sat five feet away from me in our living room in 1976 because my mother was dating Gene; a guy who worked in the Mets' front office.
57. I've met two other Hall of Famers: Ralph Kiner and Bob Feller.
58. I worked for Jerry Brown in 1992.
59. That's when I first learned that Bill Clinton was sleaze incarnate.
60. I think "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" was the best show ever broadcast.
61. Well, except for the Simpsons.
62. My first dates usually consist of hiking up Sleeping Giant Mountain.
63. Slow-dance to "Beast of Burden"'s magic.
64. Everyone I know has had medical care (be it carpal-tunnel; hepititis; gall-stones...).
65. I haven't even had so much as a common cold in 7 years.
66. What storm is brewing beneath the calm? Hopefully none.
67. My favorite place is the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History.
68. I've had the same job for nine years.
67. Fugi apples are the best to munch on, but Cortlands are the best to bake.
68. My friend Laura likes to date strange men.
69. I share a house with Chris. He makes his living on eBay and trust-fund installments.
70. If you have any antiques laying around that you wanna sell; Chris is the guy to talk to.
71. When my nephew was born I just stared at him, as he slept, for an hour straight.
72. My sister is super-mom.
73. He's 10 years old now and doesn't seem to worship me as much as he used to.
74. It's my fault.
75. I believe that love is the meaning of life because it's the only reason we have to even bother with it.
76. I believe that patience is an expression of love.
77. I love stormy weather.
78. The secret to awesome deviled eggs is horseradish.
79. I never studied but always tested well.
80. That caught up with me in college.
81. Weird Al Yankovic is a musical genius.
82. I own one suit.
83. I'm lucky if I get to wear it once a year.
84. I only wear boots... I don't own a pair of sneakers.
85. My hair has receded in the corners.
86. Sort of a Vincent Price thang.
87. I lucked out better than my dad.
88. I sell records on, from New Haven to Hong Kong.
89. Business is slow lately.
90. My cats' names are Stinky and BatCat.
91. BatCat catches bats in mid-flight outside.
92. Stinky just stinks.
93. They were both strays that we took in.
94. As for the dog, Tuko, you'll have to ask Chris. It's the brand name of a Japanese version of Multigraphics presses, but I doubt that that's where the name comes from.
95. Garden tomatoes are delicious.
96. And cucumbers, too.
97. I still sing Mac Davis songs in my head.
98. I'm an atheist who loves religeon.
99. I was a Nicheren Shosu Buddhist for a few years.
100. Well, at least they thought I was... ;)

Posted by Tuning Spork at September 18, 2003 11:44 PM

Mets fan? We could get along okay. I'm a Mike Piazza fan, myself. ;-)

Posted by: Jennifer at September 19, 2003 02:03 AM

nice list

Posted by: Ted at September 19, 2003 07:56 AM
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